Winn Hotel Group – owns – operates and develops hotels that stir emotions!

By continuously investing in our ability to deliver extraordinary hotel encounters – and by cooperating with hotel companies and brands with larger resources where marketing and sales are concerned – we can offer the best of both worlds. For ourselves, for our guests, customers and business partners. We call it “Winn-Winn”.

Today, Winn Hotel Group owns, operates and develops thirteen fantastic hotels. These range from country manor houses listed in White Guide to brand new design award-winning buildings situated centrally in some of Sweden’s largest cities. No matter which hotel you visit, our mission is the same: “We shall be known for taking care of our guests, and of each other, in just the same professional and personal way wherever we are.”


One of Winn Hotel Group’s most important cornerstones is our multi-brand strategy, meaning that each individual hotel is flagged under the brand best suited to contribute to optimizing the hotel’s operational capacity and revenue.

By co-operating with established hotel chains via franchise contracts, the hotels have access to well-known brands that strengthen the hotels’ own identities based on their physical conditions and the market.

Assessing the suitable brand inherence was done based on each individual hotel’s style and character, competitor situation and the market’s requirements. By way of contracts with our respective partners the hotels profit from a well-known and strong brand name as well as overall systems for bonus programmes, central customer agreements, distribution channels and purchasing functions.

The choice of brand has strengthened the hotels’ own identities and is an important part of Winn Hotel Group’s prosperity. For many years, the Group has been cooperating with Nordic Choice Hotels, Radisson Hotel Group and Svenska Möten.

About Winn

The Winn Group is constructed around the parent Winn Hotel Group AB, which is a pure holding company with strategic property tenure. All our hotel businesses and real estates are placed in individual limited companies, as subsidiaries to Winn Hotel Group AB.

Our multi-brand strategy enables us to establish valuable cooperation with nationally and internationally strong brands. Our cooperation agreements with these operators provide access to their business systems with efficient tools for marketing, sales, distribution, booking, CRM, purchasing and much more. Winn Hotel Group can therefore operate with a relatively small and efficient overhead organisation.

Our contribution to these business agreements is that we add local entrepreneurship and solid business know-how, as well as the softer qualities that characterize our style of operating and developing our businesses. This results in a successful combination of some of the most powerful business systems on the market together with our own system for commitment, efficiency and guest wellbeing. Together with our partners we create a business-like ”Winn-Winn-system”.

Business idea

Winn Hotel Group owns, operates and develops hotels with personality, commitment and satisfaction.


We don’t build a hotel chain – we build hotel inspiration.


We strive to achieve a reputation for treating our guests, and each other, in the same professional and personal way wherever we are.

Facts about Winn Hotel Group

  • The company was founded and started its first hotel 1991 in Haninge
  • Today it owns and operates 13 hotels
  • Three of the hotels are operated in owned property
  • In 2017, the turnover amounted to 752 MSEK
  • Profit after financial items in 2017 was 36 MSEK

Winn Inside

Winn is to a hotel what Intel is for a personal computer – this is a good metaphor for our business view: the actual processor that the entire operative system revolves around. We call it ”Winn Inside”. What our hotels should be known for, no matter how they are branded, is their feeling for providing service, wellbeing and satisfaction. We measure everyday value by the sparkling of eyes and the depth of smiling dimples. The success factor is our insight that the hotel business is about sentiments, attitudes and appreciation.

Our hotels are to be operated in a business like fashion, but also focusing on developing satisfied employees and guests.  Our main task is to create conditions for people to want and dare to develop. We wish to stimulate employees to take own initiatives and solve problems creatively. Each and every one should be able to show their own personality and offer their commitment to colleagues and customers. We like to say that our employees are to a hotel what a processor is for a computer.

It is around our “software” that the entire hardware revolves, and no matter what name can be read on the outside of the hotel, it makes a difference if it has ”Winn Inside”. Winn Inside is not only what we offer to guests and partners, it is also a collective term for our company culture. Our conviction is that it is the soft values that determine the sense of well-being of staying at a hotel – no matter if one is there as a guest or an employee.


A Winning concept

The tricky thing is not to hold back for achieving a good result – the art is to continue to increase the value experienced by our guests. And we see that it is people in motion, not motion in itself, that develops our range. Under the heading “Winn Inside” you can read more about how we invest in our employees.

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